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Kathryn Arnold
Digital Drawing and Painting

Kathryn Arnold
Paintings and Design

Kathryn Arnold
Enhanced Photography

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Three oeuvres of work are available on this site and from available links. Mainly this site is for Digital Work, ignoring the division between Fine Art and Design and explorations within that realm.


My Digital Work is divided on these pages by theme and content surrounding the context of the idea. A little Platonic mix in with the Romantic and Aristotle-like belief of experience, physical experience as the way to know truth as seen in my paintings. (www.KathrynArnold.com) Who knows what will come of this mix. It is not a new mixture, or a new desire to create this mix. Take a look at Raphael's School of Athens and you will understand my reference. Some say it is an impossible thing to do.


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301 8th Street Suite #245
 San Francisco, California   94103
Phone: 415.863.8531      Email: kathy@8thstreetstudio.org