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sketchbook January 2009     



8th Street Studio

My 8th Street Studio and its day to day, or maybe it will be week to week digression on my studio issues, art thoughts, and the duality experience between conceptual/rational and nonconceptual/intuitive. Grid and ground contained all within.



Studio Log


To begin again - greetings, 2016!

Not sure where to start. For recent updates please go to my blog:


My inventory process from 2013 ran amuck and this is where I left off.

Currently I am working on developing photography skills - second class. Here are a few photographs from the last class.


Look back here soon to see if I can keep this up.


The inventory project taking longer than I thought - labeling each work as I go and covering gently in plastic. I have the remaining 7' x 7' works to go plus the black and white works on paper. Then I'll need to photograph the smaller works which I do not keep at the studio.

The opening last Thursday evening went fine; it is nice to have my work up and out of the studio.


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