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8th Street Studio

My 8th Street Studio and its day to day, or maybe it will be week to week digression on my studio issues, art thoughts, and the duality experience between conceptual/rational and nonconceptual/intuitive. Grid and ground contained all within.

Studio Log

8-10-04 Continue to 8-15-04

Museums were most fine in LA and am getting ready to be back in the studio. Inspired with digital media and not sure what will happen with that. Am getting ready to begin some artistic animation projects, by artistic meaning not for industry. Somehow I enjoy the beaches as much as the museums, not sure what that says. Ordered a used book on art, nature to see what others are working with.


May not be in for a few days as company is in. Will be taking a trip down to LA to enjoy the museums and the sites.


I wish I had my camera here this evening. The pieces on paper are coming along, and i wonder if they are also about reproductions vs. experience, once again that quote, "do it again, without feeling' as a definition for postmodernism.

While I am here however I will share a few of my written journal notes and hope to have the pieces to view soon. Seeing the calligraphic marks as not just "being" something in themselves but also signifying that. The question comes up if that is possible, to have both at once. Not sure, but am working with that. To understand what I am wondering, one has to have a semblance of recognition of what the calligraphic arts mean in Zen cultures.

By combining this aspect with these "Sacred Conversazione" pieces from the Renaissance, also not what they literally represent- the storyline etc - or maybe so - but looking at what they signify in our time and place. Not what they signified to Renaissance man at the time they were painted. I wonder if that would be difficult to take on, and definitely make them more difficult to understand in our time and place. This conversation they experienced with saints and the Virgin Mary, I feel were very real to them experientially. What is this; how could it be defined today?

The I begin to let the idea of them being reproductions come in - for example, the question, why am I using reproductions to present these "sacred conversaziones"? Then I begin to feel the pieces may be too conceptual for earthly good.

In process.



I am getting these 3 paintings ready for delivery tomorrow. You can take a look at what they look like at http://www.8thstreetstudio.org/info.html. I am interested in how they appear, combining shape identity with field, and what takes precedent (may not be the correct word). It is interesting how shape becomes an identifier, is it similar to the same way that language becomes the identifier for experience. Experience is encapsulated by language. In this case however, the shape encapsulates language and I have titled the pieces as such.

Took a set of paper pieces, a set of 9, to the studio yesterday. They have been begun, but had not been completed due to not quite knowing what they were about. I began them spontaneously, with the idea of using these "Sacred Conversation" pieces from the Renaissance and felt the "aha" moment. But as I let them sit, they began to be about something else than my original intention, and that original intention I have since forgotten. They contain these transparences together with calligraphic mark making, yet nothing coherent at this moment.

Have made the decision to begin creating 3D animation work and ordered the software necessary. You will be able to see it at http://www.sky4udesign.com. Interestingly enough, these gamers have moved into the studio building and I met one of them yesterday. Perhaps I am a sponge, or was in a past life!


Interesting how one can see the inadequacies in one's portfolio when showing it as i did yesterday. I need to take the time to put in creative samples of video, 3D animation, Flash Cartooning and Director elements. All of this takes time, and with the 3D animation, money. If I don't lose my jobs due to the hiring of full-time faculty for positions that would effect mine, I could use the 3D Studio Max at the college after hours to develop my portfolio. Usually I am just so tired after class and I wonder, do I really need to be "Everything" to have a full-time teaching position.

So I will go back to my studio today, am preparing my pieces for delivery on Saturday for the "Lost Cafe" show her in SF. So back to life as I know it until I hear otherwise.

Funny how since the interview was yesterday afternoon, that I feel I should have been called by now for a second interview if that were to happen.

It does appear that I am quite the "teacher" as I look at the pile of essays to grade before Monday with the need to turn in the grades on Monday. And then I feel overwhelmed at the need to develop my syllabi for the fall classes. They are all full except for one.

So I have set my goals, and seeing the need to take on a schedule with exhibiting my work and developing artist relationships.


Today I am building the portfolio, the physical one and so inspired by Robert Stanley's desk images. He continues when there is no need and I am impressed by the driving force behind his work and inspired again by the actual work, the writings, and the person and the professional activity level. I met Robert when I was working for YLEM, not in person but via his work online. I loved it and then when asked to do a presentation for San Mateo. Since then, occasional communications related to working as an artist and theory and ideas and poetry and writings has been such a plus in my fragmented experience. So today, the image of his desk at the very bottom of this page on his site I am embracing as my own. I will become an active participant within my world too. Here is the link:
Back to the portfolio, may it be the best ever!


I have been looking for Robert Stanley's Studio Log to use as my example but it looks as if he has taken it "off the air". So I am on my own! Today and yesterday I have been creating this web site, hopefully to WOW the interview committee for yet another interview. I believe in the past 10 years I have had around 100 teaching interviews, maybe not quite that many. Since 1999 moving to California, my focus has been the Community Colleges. My last interview, even though I am a fairly well-known artist with a great, excellent exhibition record and widely acclaimed work, reviews and the like, as well as extensive teaching experience that has been very successful, I was turned away last week once again. I am actually not understanding anymore why this could be. I become a selection of the "final finalists" and then my competitor is chosen over me. I ask, "How could they be better, more qualified, more endearing than myself?" But anyway, each time I move on with a desire to be even better and to W OW the committee I have been working day and night making sure I have that Premiere Project done and tomorrow the Director piece. And then of course completing the Photoshop painting examples that I use for my classes and placing them in this site as well.

Even though there has not been much action with the oil paints recently and my studiosharer Tami who probably is wondering by now "Why is she not painting?", I am getting this project done. I have been wishing to do it for a long time. It took me a day to figure out the format so that it can be added to.

I have been so excited about the forest fairies that last weekend, before I knew I would be interviewing again this week, that I spent the entire weekend looking for them in the Southern Sierras! Have camera, have action! I have not had opportunity to look at them yet to see if they are as mysterious and seemingly mystical as the others.

Next time, perhaps I will be telling my log I got the position! Wish me luck as this is something I believe in, the luck that is! Goof fortune, please come knocking at my door! (Just saw my slip of the tongue - goof fortune? rather than good fortune!)

I have 5 paintings going in my studio, all about 5' x 5'. Is this a coincidence? I appreciate numbers. Next log I may put them in here, until then, I am working with ordering all of my Digital pieces for Wednesday. Maybe not all but a small selection.

Oh, and then I forgot. I am putting together a physical portfolio as well. The prints are laying all around, kitchen counter, table, sofa, floor. This for Wednesday too! Always good to have a complete portfolio ready at any time, but this is an update with the focus not on my paintings, but my digital work.



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