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8th Street Studio

My 8th Street Studio and its day to day, or maybe it will be week to week digression on my studio issues, art thoughts, and the duality experience between conceptual/rational and nonconceptual/intuitive. Grid and ground contained all within.

Studio Log

6-13-05 on to June 15

Wondering if to put this log/blog in a more visible spot. I have been reading about blogs done by google employees, Sun and IBM. The google employee getting fired. He doesn't really know why but now works for Plaxo where blogs are embraced.

Have been wanting to send a letter but cannot figure out who to. After an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education comparing interviewing both at Harvard and at a Community College, neither place he got the position, but mainly comparing the treatment of the interviewee, the candidate for the position. He stated it was as different as night and day in terms of professional treatment.


Today also am examining forest photos to determine what to use for my pieces.

Yesterday looked at mountain property with the idea of storage and a place to work. Have to get out of SF; ideas of paying to drive in the city and the increase in the Bay Bridge fare are in full swing. Maybe SF a great place to visit but not to live/work. Might take on a smaller studio spot to show my work in Oakland.

Did sell the 2 large pieces in LA and now, delightfully, my past collector who is now a designer in LA has maybe sold another large painting in LA to a client with a very large house. I Never Saw the Sky so Bright is the painting, it is an amazing painting.

Must remember to go by the new show up at Ligne Roset tomorrow; it comes down on the 16th. Must go to pay my respects.

What else...have an entire week!




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